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Created by team AI Traders on July 10, 2023

The Problem How might we leverage Al technology to develop a user-friendly web application that automates stock trading, tailored specifically for DIY investors offering them a simplified and efficient solution for their investment needs? The Solution Al Trader is a cutting-edge web application that leverages advanced sentiment analysis of news articles to accurately predict stock prices for your selected tickers. With its sophisticated system, it autonomously generates confident buy and sell decisions, enabling you to make informed investments effortlessly and automatically. Meet AI Trader

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"While the concept of using sentiment analysis for stock prediction is not entirely novel the project's focus on simplicity and efficiency for DIY investors is commendable. The application's value lies in providing informed investment decisions effortlessly and automatically. However without further information on the performance metrics it is challenging to evaluate the application's effectiveness accurately. Overall the project shows promise in addressing the needs of DIY investors and streamlining their investment process"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor