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Eight-year-old Ahmed stands quietly as his mother showers him with kisses and enveloping hugs, her eyes filled with a mix of love and concern. As she pulls him closer, hoping to see a warm smile or hear a giggle of comfort, Ahmed remains expressionless, trapped in his own world where emotions don't follow the usual patterns. His mother's heart sinks a little—does her little boy not feel the love she’s pouring out? Ahmed, grappling with alexithymia, finds it just as puzzling; he feels something stir within but can't quite grasp or express it. It's a silent struggle, confusing and isolating for both, as they stand on either side of an emotional divide, searching for a bridge.This is where Mehsoosment comes in. Mehsoosment creatively combines advanced AI technologies with the pressing need for improved emotional support and understanding. By transforming conventional processes of emotion recognition and management, the application offers a novel solution to address the challenges faced by individuals with alexithymia and autism spectrum disorder. Through its user-friendly interface and interactive features, Mehsoosment aims to empower users to better navigate their emotions and enhance their overall quality of life. We employ a sophisticated ML model to discern facial expressions from video input, tracking each emotion's occurrence. Simultaneously, GPT-40 processes both audio and video in real-time, extracting user emotions. These outputs are then merged using GPT-40 to predict a comprehensive emotional state, tailored to aid individuals with alexithymia. One of our main challenges lies in the hardware aspect of Mehsoosment, particularly in the production cost of Mehsoosment's spectacles. To overcome this obstacle, we intend to explore cost-effective manufacturing solutions and seek partnerships with suppliers to streamline production processes.

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