Created by team GOWONU on April 21, 2023

GOWONU is a cutting-edge, horror-driven gaming experience that immerses players in a haunted, cursed apartment complex using advanced AI technology. With Stable Diffusion-powered, real-time 360-degree environments inspired by the notorious Kowloon, players navigate an ever-evolving labyrinth teeming with supernatural occurrences, eerie noises, and ghostly apparitions. As urban explorers, players must communicate with others inside GOWONU to create new paths and uncover the mysteries of the complex. At the heart of the game lies the player's ability to influence the world around them through the use of keywords and modifiers. This innovative mechanic ensures a unique, unpredictable experience each time, providing endless replayability. The game seamlessly incorporates Stable Diffusion, ControlNet, and Blockade technologies, delivering a captivating experience complete with music, SFX, VFX, and interactive prompts. GOWONU's rich, evolving backstory and dynamic elements such as doors, holes, and stairs create an immersive and ever-changing environment. Players are invited to explore, collect, and communicate within a spine-chilling, supernatural world that tests their courage and ingenuity. With its unique blend of horror, AI, and interactive gameplay, GOWONU offers a thrilling, unforgettable adventure that constantly adapts to challenge and enthrall its players.

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"I am a little bit bias with gaming start ups and the ability for players to influence the world around them through the use of keywords and modifiers adds a unique and exciting element to the game. However it is worth noting that there is no demo available to test the game before purchase"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor