Lang - anki cards on steroids

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Created by team Ai in education on June 01, 2024

Ultimate application to support your language studying proces. Put your notes, scans of books, topic you are learning right now and the app will generate for you custom learning experience. Improve your language by solving quizzes (adjusted for the words and topic you are learning right now). Each quiz is unique and fun with different types of question (single-choice, short answer, describe image and etc) so you can work on your grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. Have and audio chat with a bot and improve your speaking and listening. Build your own library of words, phrase and topics to learn. The AI will use your input to generate custom exercises for you. Easily build library by uploading scans, pictures and notes. AI will process and build the library for you. Have any special requirements -> add them and our AI will adapt exercises to your custom needs.

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