Odoo AI Store

Created by team odoo on August 20, 2023

Odoo AI Store can help you purchase what you need by using text only so you can use WhatsApp or Telegram or even SMS so you do not need to use the internet at all. It can also help you pick the right product by explaining your needs only. As for how it works, LangChain React Agent is used to deal with the user through a chat interface running by Gradio. Any text coming from the user first gets relative product from Weavite Vector DB, then all info is sent to GPT-4 to decide which tool to use from the following tools: If a specific product is mentioned, it will use Odoo API to get product info. Help the user get the best product using Google. Place an order if the user decides what to get . It’s great that this technology can be used in various e-commerce not only Odoo and can reach many people even those who do not have internet access or internet quality is bad.

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