PTCharlie - AI Physiotherapy Case Study Generator

Created by team ESPCHARLIE on July 28, 2023

PTCharlie is a web application that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate customized physiotherapy case studies on demand. Students or clinicians simply input parameters like patient age, background, and specialty area. PTCharlie's AI algorithm then produces a comprehensive case study covering history, examination, assessments, diagnosis, goals, interventions, and outcomes. The app mimics the reasoning and documentation skills of experienced therapists to create realistic, nuanced studies tailored to the user's needs. Key benefits include saving educators time developing cases, providing students with relevant scenarios to reinforce skills, increasing engagement through vivid audio recordings, and improving clinical decision-making abilities. By leveraging AI for robust case creation, PTCharlie aims to enhance physiotherapy education. The tool reduces the burden on instructors to create studies from scratch while providing learners with simulations to augment classroom and textbook learning. PTCharlie unlocks the potential for unlimited personalized practice opportunities to elevate clinical skills. The problem it solves: Difficulty creating compelling case studies, lack of engagement with textbook examples, need to improve clinical reasoning skills How it works: Users input patient details, AI generates full case study covering assessments, diagnosis, interventions etc. Key benefits: Saves educators time, provides students realistic examples, reinforces clinical skills, increases engagement

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"Impressive application of technology and documentation. LangChain works well. Presentation could be longer with comparison to existing solutions to showcase unique technology."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student

"Hello, thank you for submitting your project PTCharlie to the Elevenlabs hackathon. I am impressed by your innovative idea of using artificial intelligence to generate customized physiotherapy case studies on demand. Your web application has the potential to revolutionize physiotherapy education by providing realistic, engaging, and personalized scenarios for students and clinicians. Thank you for your participation and contribution to the field of physiotherapy education."


Ndim Donald

NoCode Entrepreneur