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Our project aims to improve the academic performance of undergraduate students in their first cycles, helping them to adapt to the academic environment and develop effective study skills. To achieve this, we have created an innovative platform that integrates artificial intelligence technologies, such as GPT-4 and Whisper, to offer a series of tools that facilitate the learning process. The tools offered by our platform include automatic transcription of lectures, which allows students to access the information presented in a more accessible way; summary generation, which helps them understand and retain essential information from lectures; and personalized learning paths, which guide students to the most appropriate resources and activities for their individual needs. In addition, our platform provides research and writing assistance, which facilitates the completion of high-quality academic papers. All of this helps to reduce the stress and frustration associated with adjusting to the university environment and improve study skills, which in turn translates into better academic performance. In the $5.76 billion grade app market, our solution has great potential to revolutionize the way students deal with academic challenges. Moreover, being aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 4, our project also contributes to improving the quality of education and promoting academic success in a broader context. We are currently seeking support and investment to incorporate GPT-4 and Whisper into our platform and optimize it, thus ensuring that our solution is at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology and has an even greater impact on the lives of university students.

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"Pretty cool! Hard go to market though as i dont know who the buyer would be. "


Simon Olson