Convo - Transforming Online Conversation

Created by team Convo on January 19, 2024

Convo is a sophisticated conversation coach that analyzes posts across the most popular social platforms, finds the posts that were successful at sparking in-depth, productive, back-and-forth, discussion between other users, and identifies the elements that made these posts successful conversation starters. With this knowledge, Convo can analyze draft posts—for a brand, company, nonprofit, celebrity, business leader, political figure, and more—and rate their ability to generate positive discourse, then recommend ways to improve this rating. The ability to facilitate engaging conversations that help opposing parties better understand each others’ perspectives is crucial in our time of escalating polarization, especially in an election year. Organizations that understand social media sentiment data already have the power to predict markets. Imagine what they could do if they had the power to not just observe social sentiment, but spark the conversations that drive sentiment towards collaboration and empathy. Individual users can experience Convo’s post rating and improvement features for free through our simple and easy-to-use microsite. Organizations can pay a subscription for detailed evaluations of their draft posts, advanced post suggestions, and details on why Convo is proposing the posts it is suggesting.

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