Created by team V McCoy on July 29, 2023

With a single input, BeatBite allows users to generate a custom breaking news report on any topic of their choosing. Read in the style of a breaking news NPR story, BeatBite intelligently searches for the most recent and most relevant news on the topic provided, summarizes that news, and provides it to the listener using Elevenlab’s voice synthesis. Hosted by Diane the A.I., the BeatBite Briefing provides a hands free way to get caught up on any area of interest, be it breaking news in the fashion world, or the latest scoop on fishing. When driving, cooking, exercising, or doing anything else that requires a hands free experience, BeatBite can allow people to get caught up on the breaking news in any area that the user chooses. BeatBite leverages several different emerging technologies to provide users with a natural way to engage with their interests of choice. It also serves as a more accessible way to access the news when compared to traditional clunky news aggregators. Instead of using RSS and manually inputting specific interests and news sites, BeatBite does all the work for the user and returns the news on their given interest in an easy to digest and fun fashion.

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