Created by team Drona on August 21, 2023

You may have come accross plenty of projects where autonomous agents are integrated into computers. Often, these agents are equipped with limited tools, restricting them to interfacing with your emails, Excel sheets, or a codebase. But what if we gave these agents with tools to interact with the real world in the form of robots? Inspired by this idea, we embarked on a mission to embed an autonomous agent into one of today's most prevalent commercial robots: drones. And we decided to call it Drona, short for drone agent, and also inspired by the most intelligent teacher in Indian mythology: Dronacharya. On a basic level, Drona is a drone control software that replaces keyboards and gaming joysticks with natural language commands. However, more ambitiously, it introduces a pivotal new component to be integrated in every robot: an "emotional brain", enabling it to interpret and even empathize with the user based on conversation. We'd like to highlight Drona’s utility in two domains: agriculture and disaster relief. For the farmer, Drona means convenience. Drones can be directed to monitor crop health, pest infestations, or irrigation levels, using simple, native language commands. The once complex process is now as straightforward as chatting with a friend." In disaster relief, time is of the essence. Through Drona, relief workers can promptly deploy drones, making them search inaccessible areas, deliver vital supplies, or establish communication. With multilingual support, on-the-ground collaboration becomes easy, irrespective of geography."

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"Impressive Idea of using drones in agriculture. As an Electronics & ML Engineer, I loved it so much and 100% percent agree with the idea that drones can help a lot when it comes to monitoring crops and other livestock. The presentation is wonderful, although needs a bit of improvement from the business side. The tech stack used is also impressive but I would love to test the application myself and see the amazing work you all have done. Great work, Team Drona. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer