SIMBAD - Microtargeting Solution

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Created by team Next Big Tool on August 21, 2023

Microtargeting Solution for Performance & Growth Marketers and Ad Specialists Develop a comprehensive microtargeting solution that leverages data-driven insights to empower performance and growth marketers and ad specialists to create precise and high-converting ad campaigns. Key Features: - User-Defined Product/Topic Input - Dynamic Research & Listening Engine - Database Integration & Insight Extraction - Product detailed, brand guidelines and custom branded graphic input - Ad & Landing Page Generation Tool For the solution we utilized the AI Agents, based on SuperAGI, Langchain, and GPT4 API.

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"Fantastic! The presentation, both demos (streamlit & vercel) are spot on with amazing responses. The GitHub repository is so well-maintained, but I believe still more work needs to be done on the business side. Other than that, this team ticked all the boxes and I mean honestly, the quality of the work shows it. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer