Created by team TeamImpact on July 24, 2023

Resuminate is an innovative project designed to facilitate the job search and application process. The tool operates as a Chrome extension that uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to extract job IDs from LinkedIn. It subsequently redirects these IDs to a React application that employs LangChain and GPT-4 artificial intelligence models to comprehend and interpret the skill requirements embedded within the job description. This detailed analysis is then made available to the users, helping them to understand better the essential skills demanded by the potential employers. Beyond the skill analysis, Resuminate offers a unique feature that enables candidates to identify the skills they might be missing for a particular job. By allowing users to upload their resumes, the system, through its powerful AI models, compares the skills mentioned in their resumes to those specified in the job description. In doing so, it highlights the skill gaps that might need filling. This not only optimizes the job application process but also supports the personal growth of the candidates by providing targeted areas for improvement. Another key feature of Resuminate is the use of LangChain and GPT-4 based chatbot for mock interviews. Once the candidate uploads their resume, the AI-based chatbot conducts an interview simulation, asking questions relevant to the job and assessing the candidate's preparedness based on their responses. This tool aids candidates in preparing for real interviews and builds confidence by offering a safe environment for practice. In summary, Resuminate combines cutting-edge AI technology with user-friendly interfaces to provide a comprehensive tool that streamlines the job application process. By identifying essential skills, revealing skill gaps, and offering mock interviews, it helps candidates to refine their resumes, better understand job requirements, and confidently prepare for interviews, enhancing their overall job search experience.

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"The langchain agent only seems tuned for technical frameworks. The technical keywords in the prompt can be replaced with placeholders to accommodate a wider range of jobs. Overall great pipeline."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student

"great project. this has great business value. keep working on it. there are many competitors but you can standout easily. good luck"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor