Created by team The AI-ndividualist on April 07, 2023

GPT Vectorized Embeddings Bot Template that can be used to sell embedding templates and services to customers. (sorry out of time ill edit it if I can) Search Mode: Vectorize the prompt to find the most relevant embeddings Selects the 5 most relevant embeddings using Open AI's Embeddings API and Supabase Displays these 5 results as passages with links to the sources. All data must first be vectorized using Open AI's Embeddings API and stored in a database compatible with embeddings. Chat mode: Finds the 5 most relevant embeddings to the query using Open AI's Embeddings API and Supabase - just like Search mode. Injects the 5 embedded passages to the prompt and use prompt engineering to instruct the GPT-4 API how you want the response to be formatted. For example, AnneAI's prompt is engineered to give an informative answer with direct, sourced, references to the provided passages. Another example is PlatoAI, where the prompts are engineered to respond with a multi stage dialogue between Plato, Socrates and the user. Potential Applications: PlatoAI and AnneAI are just the beginning. Two other ideas I wanted to get going but didn't have time to finish yet are DogAI and BabyAI - handle questions about dogs or babies and get advice from the top books in their fields and give references similar to AnneAI. AnneAI and PlatoAI were used to create an easy-to-edit template for starting new embedding projects. I can use this template to offer an embedding bot creation and data scraping/vectorization/embedding service. I can also offer the template to developers. Pricing of the service would depend on the amount of data, how it needs to be formatted, and how well it is already formatted. Could offer other services like Prompt Engineering, Image Generation, regularly updating embeddings for podcasts/blogs/books/inventory additions/whatever the client needs.

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"I really like the idea to provide customers with relevant passages and links to sources. I think it is really unique when it comes to chatbots and the potential applications such as DogAI and BabyAI add further value to the service and i am looking forward to see them "


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"Good use of tech and the demo works great. I would love to see more extended user journey included. The idea has been around for the last few months and it is crucial to find unique cases "


Pawel Czech