Created by team OpenCoders on October 13, 2023

AISmartTask: Coded using Open-interpreter, AISmartTask is an innovative AI-driven task management solution tailored for coders or anyone who likes to manage daily routines. Leveraging the power of OpenAI's text engines, this tool is integrated with a Telegram bot, offering an intuitive user experience. Key features include dynamic task management that allows for task addition, prioritization, and AI-powered suggestions. Its document parser extracts essential summaries and highlights critical keywords. Additionally, AISmartTask visualizes task priorities, enabling users to get a clearer view of their tasks at hand. One standout quality is the tool's learning modules, which web scrape for knowledge, encouraging continuous learning. Users can interact with the system via intuitive Telegram commands (vocal or text) and provide feedback for continuous system improvement. With a modular Python architecture, AISmartTask is not just a task manager; it's a revolutionary tool aiming to optimize and enhance the daily routines of coders. It is scalable to any user and other applications such as enterprise project management, academic tasks management (students and educators), task management in healthcare, in the freelance and gig economy, or to manage tasks in any use cases.

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"Great work OpenCoders! It's cool that it was created with the help of OI. I'm not sure if the demo properly showcased how amazing AISmartTask could be, but I loved the production quality."


Killian Lucas

Lead Developer