The Intelligent Company

Created by team Empowering Earth on October 08, 2023

Founder & CEO of The Intelligent Company Nick Brown is a 20-year veteran of social change work, having been Executive Director of an innovative disaster response agency, Global Head of Sustainability Analytics for the largest ESG and Risk Analysis team in the world, Head of Information Management Unit in Afghanistan for a UN Agency, and more. Nick has spent 15-years living, working, and solving problems in developing countries around the world, working and innovating in some of the world's most difficult environments. Nick is a social entrepreneur with proven experience having been involved in seven startups, leader of two startups, and a key player in two large M&As and one IPO. The Intelligent Company is an AI Automations Agency **dedicated to becoming the dominant AI solutions agency in every developing country in the world**, focused on servicing the 7 billion people at the base of the socioeconomic pyramid with a focus on achieving UN SDGs. Our autonomous AI multi-agent system is capable of revolutionizing the way organizations operate, allowing teams to be 10x more productive through AGI. Our autonomous AI multi-agent system combined with education, training, coaching, and consultancy on its implementation will equip the individuals and organizations in developing countries and social good organizations to harness existing AI tools to further their objectives, whether for-profit or impact oriented. By operating primarily out of developing countries, using the best local talent and recruiting from the diaspora, we can deliver products and services for as little as $5-$20/hour with the potential to charge $200/hour or more, providing us with a massive potential margin. By having companies prepay for annual projects combined with monthly subscription fees we'll be cashflow positive from our first project. By scaling the adoption of AI in developing countries we can help developing countries and their populations leapfrog into the 4th industrial revolution.

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