Prompt Chef - AI Platform

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Created by team Oxen on April 16, 2023

Prompt Chef offers an easy to use, robust platform for developing and sharing AI apps. No specialized knowledge required. New to using AI? Don't know what AI even stands for? Perfect! Use pre-made recipes build specifically for your needs. For example, use the Interior Design recipe to instantly create concept drawings for your kitchen renovation. Or use the Invitation Recipe to help with writing unlimited personalized invitations. It's like filling out a form. Know how to prompt? Want to make your own recipe? Have a prompt you want to share or just save for later? Use the editor to create your own recipes. Drag and drop inputs to make your recipe and specialized or as broad as you want. Use the configurator to specify the model used - like GPT-4 for text outputs, or Stable Diffusion XL for image outputs. Prompt Chef is free to use too. All the editor and sharing features are available for free without limits. If you like, you can simply run recipes right from the app. Running prompts will cost tokens, which can be purchased from the app. Prompt Chef supports the latest and most powerful AI models, so you don't need to use multiple tools for one job. The use cases for Prompt Chef is unlimited, and empowers everyone to start using the power of AI in their everyday life.

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