AI Video Generator

Created by team Team Alcadeus on January 22, 2024

This is the Clairfai UI module for AI Reels Generator. It is a single page application which uses the following APIs GPT-Turbo GPT-Vision DALLE-E 3 TTS-HD AI Reel Generator brings the power of prompts and image generations to allow users to create a short form video content for any topic. Businesses and artists can save time in marketing by simply prompting the type or script of the video they want or upload an image of the product. GPT-Turbo takes note of the user input and generates a set of prompts to be sent to DALL-E and another prompt to be sent to TTS model. The images are generated by DALL-E and combined with the help of to create a video, the TTS model provides the audio for the video. Once generated, users can then choose to download the video file and upload it to various platforms as they see fit (eg. TikTok, Instagram, Youtube Shorts)

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