RAG Fusion with Cohere and Weaviate

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Created by team ThruThink on November 18, 2023

RAG Fusion generates variations of the user's question under the hood. It retrieves matching documents for each variation and performs a fusion between them with re-ranking. A variation may match better into a small DB than the original question. First I used a synthetic data enrichment technique: since I already generated QnA for the Cohere Command fine tuning, with some extra scripts I processed that data further for ingestion into the Weaviate platform. This step involved LangChain and it's context aware Markdown chunker and I contributed back crucial features to a related open source project (https://github.com/CsabaConsulting/question_extractor ). I then worked out the details of the RAG Fusion, I used LangChain in some stages. 1. First I use the fine tuned Cohere Command model to generate variations of the user's question 2. I then retrieve matching documents for each variant and fuse them together with reciprical re-ranking 3. I then use the top K of the fused ranked list to augment two final queries. 3.1. One is a document mode co.chat request. 3.2. The other is a web connector mode co.chat request. In both cases I take advantage of co.chat's excellent conversation management feature. 4. Present the results in a highly customized and advanced (as far as Streamlit goes) UI. Citations are interpolated and referred. In the future I could improve on the UX, integrate it into ThruThink. Also I'll evaluate the results and possibly introduce PaLM2 harmful content protection.

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"very cool to see the augmentations to the RAG inference that they made! novel additions!"


Nick Frosst

"I really like this project, and how you combined the power of Cohere, Weaviate, and Langchain. It would be great if you could provide a few examples on how best to play with your demo ;)"


Sebastian Witalec

Head of DevRel

"excellent work. excellent use of technology. continue working on it"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor