Created by team Shaman Technology on December 08, 2023

A medical coding AI assistant focused on minimizing errors in medical coding using retrieval-augmented generation technology via langchain and weaviate vector database. Using the latest CMS ICD-10 and CPT codes, vital to billing and for medical care. While existing coding software relies on clunky interfaces and outdated databases, our solution is revolutionizing the industry with its intuitive chat interface and cutting-edge technology. Imagine working with an AI partner, seamlessly suggesting accurate codes, collaborating on multiple cases, and learning from each other in real-time. This new era of medical coding empowers healthcare providers to drastically improve efficiency, minimize costly errors, and ultimately prioritize their core mission - delivering exceptional care to every patient.

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"Really impactful project and clean use of the technology. Would have liked to learn more about how you used evaluations to improve the app."


Josh Reini