Created by team Team Tonic on November 16, 2023

we are excited to present Here.Chat, a revolutionary chatbot poised to transform digital communication. Born from a robust dataset of 25.5 million top-tier Reddit responses, Here.Chat is meticulously crafted to thrive in the bustling ecosystem of Discord. Our AI, with its distinct personality, is not just a chatbot; it's a community enhancer, designed to engage, understand, and respond with unprecedented relevance and wit. In today's world, where digital interaction is key, Here.Chat stands out by offering a unique, context-aware conversational experience that resonates with the diverse, dynamic needs of online communities. Our technology is not just about responding; it's about understanding the nuances of human conversation and elevating it. This makes Here.Chat an indispensable tool for community moderators, event organizers, and everyday users, enhancing engagement and fostering a more connected online experience. We're seeking financial backing to refine our AI, expand our reach, and revolutionize how people interact online. Your investment will not only fuel technological advancement but also be a part of a movement towards more meaningful, engaging, and human-like digital communication. Join us in making Here.Chat the new standard for online interaction, where every conversation is an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together.

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"Great use for making communication much easier and training on such a huge dataset. Well, it's looks like a lot of effort was done. Well done. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer

"Fine-tuning on large datasets is elusive. Moreover, makes communication seamless. In my opinion, also available for several communication platforms along with Discord."


Muhammad Mubashir Hassan