Created by team Connected on November 18, 2023

ConnectED is a platform that could help address public health issues by providing a centralized digital hub for government agencies and NGOs to upload important health updates and information. The SMS functionality would ensure even those in remote, rural localities without consistent internet access could still receive timely advisories on outbreaks, best medical practices, vaccination schedules, and more. By partnering both information providers and citizens on one cohesive platform, ConnectED could virtually extend the reach of institutional messaging far beyond what traditional in-person community outreach allows.

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"Very impressive idea. indeed, helpful in rural areas as well as where there is no internet access. It works like Google which provides the essential information. But if there is no internet, how are they able to sign up to the app and use it? Btw, amazing work."


Muhammad Mubashir Hassan


"A chatbot through text messages - awesome idea, and the presentation is straightforward. Offering AI assistance to people without internet can be a bit challenging, but overall, it's a fantastic idea especially for people who lack internet. Best of luck! 👍👍"


Aniz Bin Nowshad

AI Developer