Multi-Lingual Customer Service Chat Assistance

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Created by team CohereCode Quest on November 18, 2023

Our project introduces an innovative multi-lingual customer service assistant, designed to transform the way businesses interact with their global customer base. Utilizing state-of-the-art AI from Cohere for language detection, intent processing, and response generation, our chatbot seamlessly communicates in English, German, and Italian. It's engineered to handle common customer service queries like order tracking, shipping, and returns, offering succinct, empathetic solutions. Leveraging Weaviate's database capabilities, we maintain robust customer feedback systems, enhancing continuous learning and service improvement. Our chatbot utilizes advanced Langchain Technologies and Helsinki NLP models for accurate translations, ensuring no language barrier hinders customer interaction. Hosted on Streamlit, this assistant represents a leap forward in accessible, efficient, and inclusive customer service solutions, perfectly suited for diverse businesses in today's global marketplace.

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