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Created by team InSight on November 18, 2023

"Insight" is an innovative app that revolutionizes the research process by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like LLM, RAG, Weaviate, and Langchain. It simplifies knowledge discovery and empowers researchers. The primary objective of Research Insight is to enhance the research exploration process by enabling users to ask questions about their research documents and receive insightful, context-aware responses. This project aims to bridge the gap between users and their research content, making information retrieval more intuitive and interactive. Key Components: Cohere: Research Insight integrates Cohere, a powerful natural language processing platform. Cohere enables the project to understand and process user queries effectively. Its advanced language models contribute to accurate comprehension and interpretation of user questions. LangChain: LangChain, a sophisticated language processing framework, forms the core of Research Insight. It orchestrates the flow of information, handling tasks such as text splitting, embeddings generation, and conversational retrieval. LangChain ensures a seamless and efficient interaction between users and the research data. Weaviate: Weaviate, a semantic vector database, is employed to store and retrieve information. It plays a crucial role in organizing and indexing the research content, making it easily accessible for queries. Weaviate's capabilities contribute to efficient and fast retrieval of relevant information.

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"good work, excellent use of technology. but you needed to make better presentation to show your hard work and explain your project and how it is important. good luck"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor

"Good work. But lack presentation. It must be better. On the other hand, the idea has been good and helpful when analyzing large reports. Saves time "


Muhammad Mubashir Hassan