Remote Patriot

Created by team LangLabs on August 21, 2023

Mission is pioneering a new era in remote work by sourcing disabled veterans with meaningful opportunities. Leveraging cutting-edge LLM autonomous agent architecture, we create personalized agents for each job seeker, revolutionizing the way veterans find and secure remote work. Vision To transform the job-seeking experience for disabled veterans, providing a seamless and empowering process where AI-driven agents actively match veterans with ideal job positions, setting a new industry standard. Core Competencies -Innovative LLM Autonomous Agent Architecture: A groundbreaking approach where each job seeker has a personalized autonomous agent trained on their resume and preferences. The agent applies to jobs, sends emails to hiring managers, and notifies job seekers of potential matches. This is a first-of-its-kind innovation in the industry. -Job Scraper &Textual Database: Our proprietary function searches and stores remote job listings, seamlessly integrated with autonomous agents. -Intelligent Resume Builder: Guided by AI, users can upload or build high-quality resumes, enhancing the matching process. -Game-Changing User Experience (UX): Job seekers sign up, define preferences, and relax as AI handles applications and follow-ups. Employers enjoy an autonomous headhunter experience. Differentiators -We are the first platform to use autonomous agents for job matching, setting us apart from competitors. -User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive navigation and personalized experiences. -Empowerment & Independence: Enabling veterans to take control of their careers. -Founded by a Marine: Committed to excellence, service, and veteran empowerment. Hackathon Tech Used Weaviate - Vector DB SuperAGI - Autonomous Agent Langchain Python - Custom Vector Embedding Script Target Audience -Job Seekers (Disabled Veterans): Seamless, personalized, and empowering job search experiences. -Employers: Autonomous recruitment and connection with highly skilled veterans.

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