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Created by team Ad Corp on November 15, 2023

Grocery shopping is not only tedious, but now more than ever, it's becoming important to watch the weekly flyers and base your weekly meals around whats on sale. But who has time for that? In this economy? In this weather?? In the dawn of AI, we have the tools to solve this first world problem. SavvySupper leverages the freely available weekly flyers as a data source, feeds it into Cohere's retrieval augmented generation powered LLM, takes into account your preferences and dietary restrictions, and outputs a customizable weekly meal plan for. With fine grain controls over what dishes it chooses, how much it weights savings versus matching your criteria, cost limitations and which grocery stores to choose, this is a no brainer for your phones homepage. The business plan for SavvySupper is simple. Free forever, for everyone, and sell "sponsored" or "favoured" item spots to grocery stores and brands. Right now recipes are all generate by the LLM, but there is a lot of monetization potential in exactly how and what the app recommends to users.

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