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Created by team QuntumGenAi on January 04, 2024

Unstructured data presents a significant challenge for us all. Yet, with the current advancements in technology, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs) and the integration of various tools, the landscape is evolving. The application of cutting-edge technologies, transforms the way we detect and analyze documents. By incorporating classical Natural Language Processing (NLP) concepts The pain of unstructured data lies in the struggle to transform chaos into actionable intelligence, hence Quantum GEN AI comes in play Our solution seamlessly handles unstructured documents and files from diverse domains. It transforms this raw data into a comprehensive knowledge graph, offering a structured representation of the uploaded documents. Additionally, our product delivers a representative summary, telling the essential content within the unstructured data. According to quantum GEN AI, is highly useful for the enterprise scale , the solution will be on prem on the scale of enterprise no cloud services allowed due to data privacy

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