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Created by team Resume shortlisting on August 26, 2023

Welcome to! Our platform revolutionizes recruitment with personalized experiences for candidates and streamlined processes for employers.Using advanced AI technologies like llama we enhance every aspect of the recruitment journey. Problem with the traditional process - Time consuming -- Sifting through numerous resumes and cover letters is a time-consuming task. screening hassle -- Shortlisting candidates based on resumes and cover letters is prone to misjudgment. inconsistent result -- Human efforts may not be the most accurate at identifying the best fit for a given position. ineffective method -- Traditional recruitment processes do not utilize the full potential of technology and artificial intelligence. Solution to the above problems is a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution to these problems. It puts the candidate at the center of its process and applies a breakthrough llama-based algorithmic approach to achieve unprecedented accuracy at speeds that haven't been seen before! Features of Candidate Sourcing - Leverage AI to source the right candidates from LinkedIn. Expand your reach and connect with the best talent that matches your specific job requirements. Resume Parsing - Advanced resume parsing capabilities using llama technology. Accurately and efficiently extract critical information from resumes. Shortlist candidates effectively and save time in the initial screening process. Candidate Scoring and Summary Personalized Engagement Benfits of Time Saving Cost-Effective Efficiency Optimization Better Candidate Fit

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"Great Project. It would be beneficial to have a more detailed presentation regarding the business value that this application brings. Also highlighting how it distinguishes itself from existing projects that does supports Resume Parsing and analyzing. But Overall, your work is really promising. Can't wait to see your progress. All the best👏"


Sumanth Papareddy

ML Developer Advocate