Loupe - Revolutionizing Sales Prospecting with AI

Created by team Llermaly on January 21, 2024

Loupe is an innovative Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool designed to streamline the assessment of prospect search page quality, thereby facilitating the offer of enhanced search solutions. In the realm of search industry, identifying potential clients effectively involves analyzing their existing search engines. This analysis encompasses a thorough evaluation based on various features, including autocomplete, filters, facets, descriptions, typo tolerance, search suggestions, pagination, sorting, and more. Crafting a bespoke sales presentation that resonates requires not only a deep understanding of the prospective client but also an in-depth knowledge of search technologies. This necessitates specialized expertise. Loupe addresses this challenge by: - Scouring prospect websites to identify search-related elements, such as search bars, icons, and links. - Automatically navigating, testing, and appraising the user experience. - Creating a detailed classification based on the identified search features. - Producing a customized sales deck tailored specifically to each client. - Generating an audio cold message to kick-start the engagement process. To maintain our commitment to excellence during enhancements and development, we employ TONIC Validate. This tool is pivotal in preserving quality in our GenAI Based systems and is instrumental for conducting A/B testing.

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"No GitHub code is available. A clear presentation describing the product in detail and showcasing technologies used. Business value is reasonable but needs further development, as the product's current stage is more of a "proof-of-concept" than an MVP for a SaaS product. There's no interface where users can set specific criteria they want to check about the URL being entered. Limitation only for the search bar functionality is understandable at the current stage, but further ideation and development on "constructor" is needed. The product has great potential for marketing to agencies and small businesses without a dedicated design team. "


Nikita Ladyzhnikov

Lead Frontend Engineer @ Clarifai

"I would love to test the app myself, the shared demo URL couldn't be found. Indeed, the app has a lot of potential and can be a gamechanger for many small businesses. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer