AI Image Categorizer

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Created by team Team Hackaholics on January 23, 2024

This application is the solution to the lack of specific data collected by visual data. Using Google Gemini's model, we have mapped tags to images. New this generated data can be vectorized and search for, meaning the most computationally expensive operation can be done per image, and the tags can be searched for using sematic search rather than collecting matching tags.

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"This is a really good use case and very well presented. It would be great if you had added more images to the database for searching and displaying to users, and also created a UI module. But this is a great start and a good use to take forward."


Sumanth Papareddy

ML Developer Advocate

"Amazing work. The Internet has been vast information and somehow didn't help. Providing the suitable content that they require concisely is great work. However, If a person needs a specific picture for which they looking, how does it work? Provide the feature, if someone describes the picture they wanted, make it provided to the user."


Muhammad Mubashir Hassan


"Simple UI, I love to see more images as currently it's limited to amusement park and a landscape with trees and hills. The results are great, and I love the video. Good work and wishing you all the best."


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer