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Created by team Cati Team on August 28, 2023

Going to a different country! Afraid of the thought that you won't be able to communicate well since you don't know their local language or you want to learn a new language for fun.... We have a solution We have created an application that will help you in overcoming the communication barrier. It basically takes the sentence in any language as its input and gives back its English translation including with its grammatical structure. At the end you have an option to get similar sentences so that you can also learn about that particular language. This app has an auto detecting feature which helps in identifying the input language on its own. Later we're thinking of making this app fully voice assistant as well. And a little twist..... If you enter a sentence in English then it will convert it to any random language.

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"Good use of Llama 2 in building the application. The presentation provides a clear understanding of the project's purpose; however, it would be beneficial to include more information regarding the business need and demand for this solution. Additionally, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide a comparison with other existing translation apps. Nevertheless, I want to emphasize that your project and presentation are of good quality and I look forward to seeing further improvements. Thankyou for building."


Sumanth Papareddy

ML Developer Advocate