EyeCue - Inspiring Recruiting Videos by AI

Created by team CREATE on January 20, 2024

Problem Statement: Traditional recruitment methods fail to engage a significant segment of the workforce: those not actively seeking new opportunities but willing to consider a change. This oversight results in a vast untapped resource, widening the employee gap in many companies. Solution: EyeCue is the solution to this challenge, utilizing AI-generated videos to capture the attention of both active and passive candidates. Our targeted approach focuses on regions and job clusters, highlighting top job offerings and attracting a diverse pool of talent. How It Works: * Research-Based Strategy: EyeCue begins with an in-depth analysis of a company's unique attributes, based on employee reviews and company culture insights. * Image Selection and Evaluation: AI technology curates and evaluates images to best represent the company, focusing on visual appeal to both active and passive candidates. * Storyboard and Content Creation: An AI-generated storyboard is developed, ensuring the video content is engaging and relevant to the targeted audience. * Voiceover Integration: AI-generated voiceovers are added to enhance engagement and relay the company's message effectively. * Social Media-Optimized Videos: The final product is an engaging video, optimized for social media platforms, designed to capture the attention of potential candidates, including those not actively seeking new opportunities. Benefits: * Engages Passive Candidates: Captures the attention of a vast segment of potential candidates who are not actively job searching. * Bridges the Employee Gap: By inspiring passive candidates, EyeCue addresses the employee gap many companies face. * Cost-Efficient and Time-Saving: Automates the recruitment process, reducing reliance on traditional methods. * Targeted and Effective: Focuses on specific regions and job clusters for more effective recruitment. * Increased Reach and Engagement: Leverages social media to reach a broader audience.

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