Word Power AI

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Created by team KISS on January 20, 2024

Word Power AI is a prototype that leverages AI for learning communication language effectively. It aims to tackle the problem of thought process and time-consuming requirement to generate diverse learning exercise with an ease. In this first version, it generates a pictorial story with audio based on user topic. The pictorial story is filled with blanks which need to be answered listening to the audio, which is going to help users in listening, memorizing and learning skills. This prototype is a stepping-stone towards building a unified platform for learning communication language with the help of AI.

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"Project uses multiple models and included future scope. I find the project simple. Additionally, a significant problem is that the answers are already present in the generated video."


Luv Bansal

ML Ops Engineer

"I like the idea and the demo. It can be used in a rnage of places for instance, candidate assessments for company like Google, Siemens, etc. to test cognitive abilities of a person. On the other hand, I think the answers to the question could be found in the generated video itself. Try to tackle this and you are good to go. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer