AI Resource Project Manager by Insight

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Created by team Insight on August 28, 2023

Team Insight presents an innovative solution, the AI Project Resource Manager, the core concept revolves around empowering project managers to make informed decisions about resource allocation. Aimed at revolutionizing the process of assigning employees to projects. In today's dynamic business landscape, matching the right skill sets with project requirements poses challenges even for seasoned project managers. Our AI-powered tool addresses this by efficiently managing human resources across multiple projects, ensuring optimal team composition. The AI Project Resource Manager utilizes Llama-2 and Clarifai to assess employee skills and experiences, project overall context and needs. By analyzing this unstructured data, it provides project managers with informed recommendations for assembling effective project teams. This not only streamlines resource allocation but also boosts employee satisfaction by aligning individuals with projects that resonate with their expertise and interests. Designed to cater to medium to large corporations juggling numerous projects, our solution offers significant business value. It enables on-time, high-quality project delivery, translating into improved profitability. Moreover, by preventing underutilization of resources, it minimizes unnecessary costs. While technical implementation involves a series of 5 agents driven by the Llama-2 model. By combining data-driven insights with project requirements, the AI Project Resource Manager promises enhanced project outcomes, streamlined resource utilization, and a more engaged and productive workforce.

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"Interesting and non-trivial idea – human resource management. Bonus for business side research, there can be a real success with this idea if executed well. Sadly, the demo did not provide the output to evaluate the outcome. "


Artjom Shestajev

Product @ Clarifai