Student Attentiveness - Live Monitoring App

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Created by team NeuralNinjas on August 28, 2023

The Student Attentiveness Live Monitoring App intends to measure the activeness of students during live lectures online. The considered parameters are a) Yawning, b) Head Position, and c) Wandering eye movements for measuring the activeness. When a live session is happening, the instructors will be displayed with the number of students who are finding the session boring or who are inactive. The purpose of the application is to ensure that the students are active at all times, which is absent in most cases, especially in an online session. Online classes certainly save the time and energy required from students and teachers. However, since there is no physical connection between them, the classes happen to be monotonous. With this app, the teachers will be able to sense the feeling of students and engage them effectively.

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"Did not use Llama which was a requirement in the project. That said - the idea is interesting and I see it actually getting deployed easily as part of zoom / google hangouts and so on - with practical applications for online classes / school to evaluate engagement. "


Pranay Agarwal

Senior PM