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Created by team BrainBud on January 20, 2024

BrainBud is an innovative, AI-powered educational platform designed to transform the learning experience for children aged 5 to 15. Utilizing advanced technologies from Clarifai, BrainBud provides a unique, interactive approach to learning by generating custom educational content, practice questions, and visual aids. Features: Subject and Age Group Selection: Users can choose from various subjects and specify the age group to tailor the content. Dynamic Chapter Selection: The app generates a list of chapters for each subject, allowing for focused learning. AI-Generated Study Material: Using Clarifai's GPT-4 Turbo model, BrainBud creates relevant study content for the chosen chapters. Interactive Practice Questions: The app generates practice quiz questions to reinforce learning. Visual Learning Aids: Incorporates DALL-E image generation for visual support.

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