Created by team XOR on August 27, 2023

XORLLAMA is your gateway to enriched interactions within YouTube videos. It's more than an AI web app; it's your companion in decoding video content. 🦙 Unveiling Contextual Conversations: XORLLAMA transcribes spoken words into text, fostering seamless conversations around videos. Dive into a universe of context, enriching every dialogue. 🚀 AI-Powered Insights: Unlock unparalleled insights from videos. XORLLAMA's AI empowers you with knowledge, enhancing content understanding in ways you never thought possible. 🎬 YouTube Reimagined: XORLLAMA integrates with YouTube URLs, bridging visual and textual content. Videos are not just watched but dissected, discussed, and understood on a deeper level. . 🎨 Intuitive Interface, Rich Experience: Navigate XORLLAMA's intuitive UI with ease. React and Tailwind CSS collaboration ensures smooth interactions. 🔮 The Future of Learning and Engagement: XORLLAMA expands horizons. Educate, collaborate, and engage across industries with video insights.

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