PharmOgle - Your AI Medical Bot

Created by team AI-katsuki on August 28, 2023

Our idea is to build an app that helps people better know about the medication they are taking. It helps people ask specific questions related to medicines. It Utilizes AI Technologies like Computer Vision and LLM along with LangChain to bring this dream to fruition. Right now for POC it supports the following 39 medicines: adol aggrex amrizole atoreza augmentin betadine brufen c-retard ceftriaxone celebrex cemicresto cholerose ciprofar clarinase congestal daflon dalacin diflucan flagyl floxabact foradil fucidin garamycin glucophage ivypront janumet jusprin lactulose lamifen megamox midodrine mucophylline neurovit oracure pridocaine primrose sediproct zantac zyrtec

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