Secret Party

Created by team SecretParty on January 22, 2024

Every day new parties will pop up - each party has a description and a flyer. You can read about the party and attend. To attend you must describe your character and generate a photo avatar. Then you are in. You can chat with people at the party, have fun, try to hook up - like the real thing. Except some of the people are actually not real, they are AI characters. The game means that you must guess if your chat partner is a human or not. If you guess correct you get a point. If the other person however is also a human and guesses correct, they get a point instead! So you must be fast! Its a dating game with a twist!

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"This was something unique, and a great demo with good use of GPT-4 Turbo and DALL-E models. It would be great to have a more detailed presentation on market needs and future goals. Nevertheless, really good job on building this."


Sumanth Papareddy

ML Developer Advocate

"Party-verse! I like the idea and how it works. Great work, although I would love to know more about the app and it's impact in the current market. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer