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Created by team Fritzlabs on September 23, 2023

Evernote is used by 250 million people worldwide to collect ideas, document meetings, and much more. It runs as a local application or in the cloud and has preceded comparable applications by the big tech companies. Once the note collection has grown over the years, it can become cumbersome to keep an overview and refer to past notes. Large language models offer help to improve search functions and build knowledge from old notes. With the dawn of open-source large language models such as Falcon by the Technology Innovation Institute, new possibilities have been opened. Since these models can be run on less powerful customer hardware, private Evernote data can now be processed, preserving privacy.

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"The presentation slides you attached are great, but you have not explained them in your video. The overall app looks good as it solves a problem. "


Muhammad Zubair Zafar

Software Engineer