Real Time Language Translation for video calls

Created by team Code sapphire on July 28, 2023

1. Technologies used : a. Eleven Labs Whisper : speech recognition and translation model for real time language translation b. Eleven Labs Voice AI : generates natural & life like voice that speaks out translated text almost simultaneously 2. Existing Technologies and their Limitations : a) Skype Translator : Less accurate due to complex accents => miscommunication b) Google meet's live caption : Used only for live captions , not accurate for complex language translation c) Zoom language Interpretation : Limited availability & higher cost. 3. Unique Selling Proposition - unlike existing technologies that focus on text based translation - we will provide natural life like voice translations for effective & interactive communication 4.How will we build? i. develop environment + frameworks, libraries ii. integrate whisper's speech recognition iii. implement video call functionality iv. use Voice AI to generate voice output for translated text and play it v. test our application to ensure accuracy vi. optimize app's performance and user experience vii. Deploy the app on server / cloud platform 5. Real Life Use Cases : ✅. Multilingual Business Meetings ✅ Language Exchange Programs ✅ Virtual Language Education ✅Cross cultural Collaboration ✅Global Customer Support Teams. ✅International Virtual Event

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