Created by team AITrailblazer on July 10, 2023

AIT-DiagramCodeX is a groundbreaking platform designed to redefine software development. By leveraging advanced AI technology, it seamlessly transforms natural language into diagrams, and further, into source code. This unique solution streamlines the workflows of developers, engineers, and data scientists, enhancing productivity and efficiency. The platform hosts a unique four-part user interface, which accepts natural language descriptions and uses AI to convert them into comprehensible PlantUML diagrams. Furthermore, it generates a clear PNG image of the diagram for easy communication and sharing. In a revolutionary step, AIT-DiagramCodeX also provides ready-to-use Go app source code directly from the diagrams. Hosted on Google Cloud Platform's CloudRun, AIT-DiagramCodeX promotes a collaborative environment that is accessible and shareable, creating a harmonious space for developers to work together. It employs smart pipeline systems and advanced technology to ensure a smooth, optimized transition from natural language to diagram, and subsequently, to code. AIT-DiagramCodeX is more than just a tool—it's a transformative solution designed to supercharge productivity in large enterprises. Its integration of Google's Vertex AI PaLM for accurate conversions between natural language, diagrams, and code sets it apart from other platforms in the market. Our vision with AIT-DiagramCodeX is to redefine the way we understand, share, and create in the digital world. We are not only creating a software development tool but shaping a revolutionary journey in the digital landscape. Join us as we move towards a future where technology seamlessly converges with human creativity.

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"I like the unique four-part user interface and overall the project demonstrates strong application of technology, effective presentation, significant business value and originality in its approach"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"Great visualization and pipeline. I compared your applications diagramming to similar LLM approaches, and your application far exceeded in performance. Cant wait to see where this project goes."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student

"fantastic idea, combining more than one idea in 1 project is brilliant. great job. amazing work. it should be in market soon."


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor