SuperAGI No-Code

Created by team State Change Labs on August 20, 2023

No-Code is a huge market because businesspeople want to apply advanced technologies to reduce costs, increase consistency, and deliver a new level of service to their customers, investors and other stakeholders. SuperAGI gives us greater leverage on LLM technology to take on greater actions. The mission of SuperAGI No-Code is to allow businesses to dictate how the autonomous agents should behave based on their business processes. By offering control and dynamism without requiring them to learn a whole new control plane, the Zapier integration lets business people create much greater value in a much shorter payback period. This integration can dramatically increase the addressable market for SuperAGI, and the profits that can be generated by business. This is an exciting opportunity that lets us move from research to economically meaningful applications guided by the people who understand them most - the business domain experts!

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