SkepTICK- Your FinFluencer sherlock

Created by team Catapult on August 21, 2023

Are you SkepTICK of those youtubers telling you'd get 5000% percent returns in this stock? or always follow Warrent Buffet without any context! No more. SkepTICK tells you whole truth and uncovers hidden bias for reasoning behind finfluencers logic based on your personal profile and risk appetite. It helps you give facts behind the stock claims, aggregating latest news sources and reports from leading rating agencies, providing you complete picture before your take any decision. Modules: 1. Claim extraction: Thesis: Our NLP model does entity extraction to identify thesis/reasoning for financial investment(P/E ratio > 40% must sell !) made by youtuber. Stock claims: We identify stocks, and their claims made (This small cap stock can give 200% return in 6 months!) 2. WholeTruth: This module uses financial tuned GPT, to tell you counter thesis for reasoning made by youtuber, according to your profile and risk appetite 3. StockTips: We run agents on internet, to fetch latest company information about the stock, financial data, ticker value (BSE or NSE), which creates a vector database. Our LLM provides factual information augmented by vector DB, to paint complete picture about stock, and not just go by claims made by youtuber Tech stack: FastAPI, JavaScript, Langchain Agents, ChromaDB, matplotlib, finetuned GPT4. Features: A)Counter-analysis of hypothesis: SkepTICK provides a balanced view by offering counter-analysis of claims, encouraging users to critically assess the information presented. B)Resource Recommendations: Additional sources for further research. C)Fundamental Analysis Pointers: Guidance on conducting fundamental analysis for a more comprehensive assessment.

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