Created by team autonomo on August 21, 2023

Live Streamers lack of time and opportunity for responding to every message from their fans during the live stream. And they find it hard to remember who their fans are and their last interaction with them, which makes it a weird of a relationship between the streamer and their fans. In addition to that potential sponsors can’t decide easily which streamer’s community is the right one to promote their product/service. Here's where Autonomo comes with the solution, Autonomo is a multifunctional chatbot that enhances the relationship between fans and live Streamers/Broadcasters, analyzes the community formed by fans and classifies them into a category. The Live streamer is then able to put the category its community classifies under in a marketplace where potential sponsors would search for the right one to promote their product/service. The more chat messages collected from a channel, the better it is for Autonomo to know what the community is interested in and to even answer community members with relevant answers when prompted. Autonomo leverages the advantage of vector Databases to assist LLMs and thus enhance its performance and its ability to remember.

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