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ChatGPT API & Whisper API Global Hackathon

Create Applications in turbo mode using new OpenAI’s APIs

  • 🗓️ 48 hours of building (24-26th March)
  • 💻 Create innovative new apps with OpenAI's latest ChatGPT and Whisper APIs
  • 💡 Learn from top AI professionals
  • ⚒️ Combine new GPT 3,5 Turbo and Whisper APIs to build your AI app
  • 🐱‍💻 Now is the time to register and let's get started!
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Join Us! 🚀

Are you hungry for using the latest AI technologies such as Whisper and ChatGPT APIs? Then the Turbo GPT 3,5 & Whisper Hackathon is the perfect opportunity for you! People of all skill levels are invited to collaborate and create innovative projects alongside other AI researchers and developers at the forefront of the field.

Test Yourself!

Put your AI skills to the test during this seven-day event by taking on the challenge of using the latest OpenAI tools to develop groundbreaking applications. By doing so, you can see what you're capable of accomplishing with AI and explore your full potential in the field.

Learn From AI Experts

One of the greatest benefits of participating in the AI Hackathon is the chance to learn from top AI experts. These professionals are available to provide guidance and support as you work on your project, which can help enhance your skills and bring you one step closer to becoming a top AI professional yourself.

Register Now!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your AI skills to the next level! The AI Hackathon is open to everyone, regardless of their level of experience. So why wait? Register now and start exploring the exciting world of AI!



Whisper represents the forefront of AI technology and specializes in word recognition from web-based data. With over 680,000 hours of multilingual and multi-task data under its belt, it can accurately recognize speech in a multitude of languages, accents, and environments. Whisper can even handle technical language and background noise and perform at par with human capabilities in many cases. Integrate cutting-edge speech recognition into your applications with the Whisper API endpoint. To discover more about Whisper, go to the Whisper documentation.

ChatGPT API (Turbo GPT 3,5)

ChatGPT is a specialized variant of the GPT-3 language model designed to generate human-like responses in conversational contexts. Trained on a vast corpus of actual conversations, it can produce appropriate and contextually relevant responses. The ChatGPT API endpoint (Turbo GPT 3.5) offers a seamless means of integrating sophisticated language processing into your applications. We'll teach you how to utilize ChatGPT effectively and how it can enhance your project. For further information on ChatGPT and its API, please check out the ChatGPT documentation.

ChatGPT & Whisper Hackathon Challenge

👉 The challenge for this hackathon is to use OpenAI Whisper and/or Chat GPT APIs to create an innovative solution to a real-world problem.


🥇 1st place

  • $5,000 credit package
  • a spot in Slingshot, early stage acceleration program
  • Swag

In addition, all finalists will have an opportunity to participate in Slingshot, early stage acceleration program, and will receive Swag Side Quests

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Side quest challenge

Join Side Quests for extra hackathon challenges, prizes, and a fun way to explore new technologies and platforms!

ChatGPT & Whisper Hackathon details

Join lablab for a 48h to innovate and build applications using OpenAI APIs. Find all the relevant details below.

🗓️ Where and when

The hackathon starts on March 24th and ends on March 26th. Over 48 hours, you'll have the opportunity to learn from lablab experts during workshops, keynotes, and mentoring sessions. The hackathon will take place on the platform.

🦸🏼‍♂️ Who should participate?

Previous experience in AI is not required but welcomed. While many participants are industry experts, we also welcome people with other types of domain knowledge that want to understand & explore how AI can be used in their fields..

😅 How about teams?

If you don’t have a team you will be able to match and team up with other participants around the world. Finding & creating teams can be done from the dashboard you can access after you enroll. We also recommend checking our Discord server to find teammates and discuss ideas. You can join it here

🛠️ How to participate in the hackathon

The hackathon will take place online on platform and Discord Server. Please register for both in order to participate. To participate click the "Enroll" button at the bottom of the page and read our Hackathon Guidelines.

Applications build with OpenAI

Learn about the winning projects from previous OpenAI Hackathon


InvestogAId is an AI tool that automates stock trading strategies using automated transcription from trading videos.


Moriarty is an AI application that is designed to help combat hate speech, harassment, and toxic behavior on voice communication platforms.


Butter is an AI chatbot that assists individuals who stutter by accurately transcribing live voice recordings for easier communication.

Speakers, Mentors and Organizers

  • Olesia Zinchenko

    Olesia Zinchenko


  • Pawel Czech

    Pawel Czech


    • Mathias Asberg

      Mathias Asberg


      • Anastasiia Strakhova

        Anastasiia Strakhova

        Event Specialist at NewNative

        • Simon Olson

          Simon Olson


        • Liza Marchuk

          Liza Marchuk

          • Fabian Stehle

            Fabian Stehle

            Dev at NN

            • Dimitrije Pesic

              Dimitrije Pesic


            • Theodoros Ampas

              Theodoros Ampas

              Co-Founder of Content-Hive

            • Jakub Zakrzewski

              Jakub Zakrzewski

              PM & UX/UI

            • Omar Sesa

              Omar Sesa

              Teaching assistant in AI, ML and embedded systems field

            • Ibrohim Abdivokhidov

              Ibrohim Abdivokhidov

              Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer

            Hackathon FAQ

            Who can join the Hackathon?

            We welcome domain experts from all industries, not just AI or tech. Successful AI solutions require a combination of technical expertise and domain knowledge. Coding experience is recommended.

            Do I need a team?

            You are welcome to join as a team or solo, if solo. We encourage you to look for a team before the event. We recommend you to join the Deep Learning Labs Discord channel: and posting in the #looking-for-team channel to get to know your potential future team members.

            Do I need a Github account?

            It is recommended, that at least one team member has a Github account. You can create one for free if you don't already have one.

            I have other questions.

            Feel free to reach us on social media, or through our Discord channel.

            Event Schedule

            • To be announced

            Submitted concepts, prototypes and pitches

            Submissions from the teams participating in the ChatGPT API & Whisper API Global Hackathon event and making it to the end 👊

            AI Mentor

            AI Mentor

            Our application generates full courses on various topics and provides video lectures with text explanations and generated questions to reinforce learning. With the help of our AI mentor, students can learn at their own pace and receive personalized feedback to improve their understanding. One of the most exciting features of our application is the simple gamification process that engages students in the learning process. By providing a fun and interactive learning environment, we believe that students will be more motivated to learn and retain the information for longer periods. We are also proud to announce that our application utilizes Synthesia AI to generate automated videos based on the GPT-3 script. This ensures that our video lectures are of the highest quality and can be easily accessed by students on any device. Another major benefit of using AI to generate our courses is that each instance of the course is unique and up-to-date with the latest features and technologies. Unlike traditional courses that may become outdated over time, our AI mentorship application ensures that students are learning the most relevant and current information. With the help of OpenAI GPT-4, our application can quickly and efficiently generate new course material as new technologies and features emerge. This means that our students will always be on the cutting edge of their respective fields, giving them a competitive advantage in the job market.




            Introducing our innovative Streamlit application, which harnesses the power of OpenAI GPT-3 to generate multi-layer encryption and decryption codes for secure communication. This application is designed to help users easily encrypt and decrypt their messages using state-of-the-art encryption techniques, making it nearly impossible for unauthorized parties to access their sensitive information. To use this application, users can input their speech message through OpenAI Whisper, which transcribes the message accurately. The application then uses GPT-3 to generate a multi-layer encryption code, which can be customized by the user according to their specific requirements. Once the encryption code is generated, it is applied to the speech message, making it indecipherable to anyone without the decryption code. Users can choose from a variety of encryption algorithms and key lengths, and can also input their own unique encryption key for added security. The application also allows users to save and retrieve their encryption codes for future use, making it easy to communicate securely with their contacts. In addition to its powerful encryption capabilities, the application is also highly user-friendly, with a clean and intuitive interface that allows users to easily navigate and customize their encryption settings. With its cutting-edge technology and ease of use, this Streamlit application is the perfect solution for anyone looking to communicate securely and confidently in today's digital world.

            team phoeniks

            Aura the GPT assistant

            Aura the GPT assistant

            AURA-the chatbot is a chatgpt-integrated speech assistant that converts user audio input into text and feeds it to chatgpt.Chatgpt then discovers a solution to our query which is converted back into audio files by Auro for the users. The two main tools used for this project are whisper and chatgpt API. Whisper can accurately recognize speech in a multitude of languages, accents, and environments. It can handle technical language and background noise and perform at par with human capabilities. While ChatGPT is a specialized variant of the GPT-3 language model designed to generate human-like responses in conversational contexts. We combine both of these cutting-edge technologies to develop an API that is useful to everyone.


            Teams: ChatGPT API & Whisper API Global Hackathon

            Check out the rooster and find teams to join at ChatGPT API & Whisper API Global Hackathon


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