Created by team Night Owls on March 26, 2023

An AI-based audio to video converter is a tool that can convert an audio recording into a video file. This tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze the audio recording and create a video that matches the content of the recording. In addition, this tool can add text in terms of captions to the video based upon the speech in the audio recording. The AI system listens to the audio file and uses speech recognition technology to transcribe the spoken words into text. Then, it synchronizes the text with the video frames to create captions that appear on the screen at the appropriate times. The resulting video file can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating video content for social media platforms, generating marketing videos, creating instructional or educational videos, and more. The AI-based audio-to-video converter makes it easy for users to quickly and efficiently create high-quality video content from their audio recordings,

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"I understand the project. Although more demos would showcase potential. Possibly 2-3 short demos displaying the generated value."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student