Smart Lecture

Created by team The bad batch on March 26, 2023

Our app is designed to address some common problems that students and learners face when trying to engage with lectures Difficulty taking comprehensive notes: Many students struggle to capture all of the key points and details of a lecture while also actively listening and processing the information being presented. This can result in incomplete or inaccurate notes that make it harder to study and review later. Time-consuming manual transcription: In order to review lectures later, students may need to manually transcribe the audio recordings, which can be time-consuming and tedious. Limited ability to identify important information: Even with comprehensive notes or transcripts, it can be challenging to distill the most important information from a lecture, especially if there is a lot of extraneous detail or repetition. Our app aims to address these problems by automating the process of creating summaries, notes, and questions from lecture audio. By using WhisperAI to transcribe the audio to text and ChatGPT to generate a summary, notes, and questions, the app streamlines the process of reviewing lectures and helps learners more easily identify and retain key information. Here is a possible flow for the app: The user opens the app and selects the lecture they want to review. The app uses WhisperAI to transcribe the lecture audio to text. The text is passed to ChatGPT, which generates a summary, notes, and questions based on the content of the lecture. The user can review the summary, notes, and questions generated by the app, edit them as needed, and save them for future reference. Overall, this app has the potential to be a valuable tool for learners who want to optimize their engagement with lectures and maximize their retention of important information.

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