No code customer care bot

Created by team Clippy on March 26, 2023

We have created a no-code platfrom that caters to the 'customer care' department of the ecommerce websites, wherein the user can chat with our bot and the bot will figure out the problem/issue with the order and take action accordingly. Like for example, the user starts chatting with the bot and tells that the product does not fit his size, then the bot will traverse through the dataset and extract the order details and see if the product is elligible for return, if it is, then it will accordingly inform the user that the product can be returned and will place an order for the same. This no - code platform caters to the needs of ecommerce and similar online businesses that need 'customer care' service but cannot afford one. By means of this bot we are enabling that feature and making the platform no-code so that anyone can use it.

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