AI Rap Song Creation

Created by team ProjectK AI on March 26, 2023

Generate a rap song for any YouTube video Music is easier for people to accept information than articles. If there is a news or introduction video on YouTube, we only need to enter the YouTube link, and a rap song will be automatically generated. The process is as follows: Enter the YouTube URL Enter the background music of the YouTube instrumentals Enter the rap lyrics style First, the video will be converted into text using the Whisper API, and then the GPT3.5 API will condense and highlight the key points of the text. These key points will be written into lyrics in a certain style. Next, we use Python to download the background music of the YouTube instrumentals, preprocess the lyrics, capture the rhythm of the music, match the words with the heavy beats, and then use gTTS to speak the words and automatically adjust the audio position. Then your rap song will be generated!

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