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The Whisper models are trained for speech recognition and translation tasks, capable of transcribing speech audio into the text in the language it is spoken (ASR) as well as translated into English (speech translation). Whisper has been trained on 680,000 hours of multilingual and multitask supervised data collected from the web. Whisper is Encoder-Decoder model. Input audio is split into 30-second chunks, converted into a log-Mel spectrogram, and then passed into an encoder. A decoder is trained to predict the corresponding text caption, intermixed with special tokens that direct the single model to perform tasks such as language identification, phrase-level timestamps, multilingual speech transcription, and to-English speech translation.

Relese dateSeptember, 2020
Typegeneral-purpose speech recognition model

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By automating crucial components of task and project management, Quixflow is an advanced AI-powered automation system created to alleviate the problems faced by developers and project managers. Our system uses cutting-edge voice recognition powered by Synapse Copilot and OpenAI models to easily interface with Jira and Notion. With just a few voice commands, users may generate tasks, issues, tickets, and visualizations with this cutting-edge system, greatly increasing productivity while lowering manual labor and simplifying workflow management. Important Elements Task and Ticket production: Use voice commands to automate the production of tasks and tickets. This will ensure accuracy and efficiency by removing the need for human input. Project Assignment: Simplify procedures so that team leaders may use voice commands to assign jobs quickly and efficiently. Writing Helpful Prompts: Use AI-powered voice recognition to create helpful instructions and prompts that will improve communication and task clarity. Deadline management: By automating updates and reminders, you may ensure that projects are completed on time and lessen the frustration that comes with missing deadlines. Team Workflow Automation: By automating time-consuming procedures and tasks, you may streamline team workflows and free up team members to concentrate on high-value work. Automation of Visualizations: Provides real-time insights into project progress by automatically creating and updating visualizations for project monitoring and reporting. Specialized Value Addition Quixflow is intended to improve the overall workflow of tasks rather than to replace current SaaS solutions. Quixflow enables a seamless upgrade to current systems by connecting with well-known project management tools like Jira and Notion. This distinctive value proposition appeals to a wide range of customers, from small businesses to major corporations.